Great journalism at Univision, Exciting Breakthroughs at BMW, NFL Quarterbacks Master “Gibberish.” Plus The New Ruthless is featured in the fall issue of the Wharton Magazine.


Univision’s “tell it like it is” reporting:  Their news and special programs are so worthwhile, many analysts believe they should be translated for Americans who don’t speak Spanish. Bloggers report that in separate pre-election candidate interviews, co-moderator Jorge Ramos asked President Obama some of the toughest questions of his campaign. Univision is also cited for its serious investigative reporting on Fast & Furious.

Getting to Iconic:  From Ultimate to Iconic in 60 Seconds asserts that BMW wants iconic; that could be the single best strategy to thrive vente parc aquatique gonflable today. Now the car maker is ready to move laser lighting from the lab onto the road – a decision that will transform headlamps and completely open up the possibilities of front-end design.

Change at the NFL: Technology continues to change the fans’ experience and the way the game is played. With new TV audio (starting guards or centers are required to wear a mic), the world and the defense can hear the chatter clearly. The result: quarterbacks now speak gibberish to camouflage the plays.

The substance behind charisma: LaserBeam’s Sharon Terry explores the importance of charisma and suggests how to keep the sizzle in your message in The Charisma Debate.

Reinventing Leadership: Change looms over the corner office and every cranny of the business. That’s why I wrote The New Ruthless - about the leaders who are changing mindsets and agendas in modern businesses and building dynamic companies.

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